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Giga Jar the newest Push Gaming Slot

The hottest Push Gaming beats DJ is back with a brand-new game! Go out to the dance floor and get ready to thaw out those luscious fruits because Giga Jar is back and better than ever!

smiling faced jar wearing headphones

Fruit symbols, clusters, and cascades in the base game

When five or more identical fruit symbols are grouped together, their individual values vary, and the larger the cluster, the bigger the payouts.

smiling rainbow jar

The winning symbols are eliminated when a cluster forms, and all other symbols on the board then collapse downward. Moreover, new symbols are dropped from the screen's top to fill every open space on the board.

Fruits and Quick Prize Symbols will appear at random on the reels, with cluster winnings possible if they are next to four or more identical Symbols.


All paying Symbols can be replaced by the wild jar symbol. A cluster win that contains a Wild Jar Symbol will have its win multiplied by the Wild Jar's multiplier value.

The multiplier factor for the Wild Jar Symbol is 1x at the beginning. When wild jar symbols aid in cluster winnings, their multiplier value rises by 1 and they move to a new adjacent position on the reels.

small blue vase

Instant Prize Symbols, whose values range from 1x to 1000x, will pay out when landing in a cluster of five or more. If there are Wild Jar Symbols in the Instant Prize cluster, their multiplier value may help the cluster win.


The Snowball Feature may randomly activate on the following losing cascade following two winning cascades (no clusters). When the feature is activated, one to two Huge Paying Symbols of one of three sizes—22, 33, or 44—are added to the grid.

cracked iced over jar wearing headphones

The Symbol will then vanish and be replaced on the grid by identical 1 to 1 copies of that Symbol type. The Giant Paying Symbols may be Instant Prize Symbols or Paying Fruit Symbols, but they won't replace any Wild Symbols that have been covered and will still be there in the grid.


The Ice Breaker Feature may randomly activate on the following losing cascade after two winning cascades (no clusters). By removing 1 to 3 different types of Paid

smiling yellow jar with headphones

Symbols at random from the grid, this feature makes it simpler to form clusters by allowing new Symbols to cascade in. Only Paid Symbols are affected by this feature.


Three more cascades will fill the Giga Jar metre and activate the Feature once all three Wild Jar Symbols are active. Being a 22 Wild Symbol that can replace any adjacent paying symbol, the Giga Jar Symbol emerges in a random spot. The Giga Jar Symbol has a multiplier attached with it that starts at 1x and functions as four separate 11 Wild Symbols.

For three cascades, the Giga Jar Symbol will pay out on all nearby symbols before going dormant

dancing jar with headphones

. The Symbol will revive and see a 5x multiplier boost after three more cluster wins. Via six levels, the Giga Jar Symbol can be renewed, increasing from 1x to 50x at level 6.

When there are no more clusters accessible and the Giga Jar metre hasn't filled up once more, the Feature terminates.


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