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Rocketblast Megaways a Space-themed Pragmatic Casino Slot

Overview of the Rocket Blast Megaways a Pragmatic slot

"Vibrant image showcasing the excitement of Rocket Blast Megaways slot, featuring rockets blasting off against a backdrop of cosmic reels filled with symbols and dynamic gameplay."

It's ironic how rocket science works: a rocket is propelled in the opposite direction by gas escaping from one end of a chamber. The engineering side of things, though, is really rather challenging. Despite sending Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the moon in 1969, humankind hasn't really done anything to match that "giant leap for mankind" in the roughly 60 years that have followed. Science fiction has flourished, but we haven't quite succeeded in turning our dreams into reality. Here is a game with some imagination and rockets to play in the interim. It's from Pragmatic Play and is called Rocket Blast Megaways. It provides players the option to have a punt while interacting with a group of extraterrestrials.

Sorry to state the obvious, but because space is so large and expansive, it is impossible to predict where Rocket Blast Megaways will be set. In the Milky Way, our galaxy, or any of the many others visible to our telescopes or even further? Because off-world creatures make up half of the paytable and are therefore present throughout the game grid of Rocket Blast Megaways, there must be an alien species living somewhere. More space-related objects, including repeating shooting stars, whirling nebulas, and stars, fill the area around it. A boppin' electro out-of-this-world music rounds out the experience and does a great job of giving Rocket Blast Megaways a nice beat, sort of like Rick & Morty but with more funk.

Dynamic gameplay snapshot of Rocket Blast Megaways slot: Cascading symbols and explosive wins unfold as rockets soar through space on the vibrant reels.

When you're ready to take off, you can choose wagers ranging from 20 percent to £/€240. A bonus buy costs 100 times the wager. Free spins are awarded when 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 scatters land on the reels. When using Rocket Blast Megaways, the return to player (RTP) is 96.01%, and it rises to 96.09% when using the bonus round. The game is quite volatile, similar to flying in a Saturn 5? Perhaps not so wild, but be ready for some bumps.

Rocket Blast Megaways uses a 6-reel grid for its active gaming area, with 2 to 7 symbols randomly landing on each reel during each spin. Up to 117,649 different combinations can be made in this game. Winning combinations pay left to right, starting at the outermost edge. Five aliens make up the high-paying symbols, and five gemstones make up the low-paying symbols. For the gemstone lows and the alien premiums, respectively, the payouts for landing a 6-of-a-kind winning method range from 0.5 to 1x and 1.5 to 20x the wager, respectively. The wild is a 'W' sign that resembles a Nova Corps helmet. Wild symbols can be used in place of any regular pay symbol on all reels save the leftmost.

Bonus wheel feature in Rocket Blast Megaways slot: A colorful spinning wheel offering exciting rewards and bonuses amidst a cosmic backdrop.

The majority of the bonuses discussed here are standard Megaways features, like tumbles and free spins with increasing multipliers. The pre-feature gamble and a relatively new Rocket Feature are two slightly less popular techniques.


The Tumble algorithm clears the grid of any winning symbols. Symbols from above fall into the vacant places to fill them, and if a new win is made after the drop, the Tumble function is activated once more. The cumulative win from the tumbles is given when no fresh win occurs.

Launcher Feature

All symbols beneath a Rocket symbol that lands are changed into wilds. When the rocket takes off, it leaves a wild symbol where it lands. On each winning tumble after that, regardless of whether they contributed to the win or not, these additional wilds go down one position. A new symbol appears at the top of the corresponding reels when wilds move downward. When no more wins are hit at the end of a free spin, newly added wilds either slide off the bottom of the grid or are eliminated.

Bonus Spins

10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 35 free spins are awarded when four, six, seven, eight, or nine scatter symbols are hit. Next, players are offered the option of collecting and continuing to the bonus round or wagering on a red and green gamble wheel for more free spins. The gamble option allows for the awarding of up to 35 free spins. All bonus spins are lost if you lose a bet.

The free spins round gains an increasing win multiplier. The multiplier begins at x1 and increases by +1 after each successful tumble. Until the bonus round is over, the multiplier does not reset. Players receive an additional 4 free spins if they land 3 scatter symbols while the round is still in progress.

"Thrilling bonus round in Rocket Blast Megaways slot: Explosive action as rockets trigger a special feature, promising exciting rewards and increased winning potential in a cosmic setting."


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