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With the most recent release from ReelPlay, Hyper Respins, Yggdrasil reaches for the heavens.

gems falling

In order to present their most recent space journey in the recently released Hyper RespinsTM, ReelPlay teamed up with Yggdrasil, the top publisher pushing iGaming innovation.

With each symbol drop, players will be kept intrigued by Hyper Respins, a grid game from the same developer as Hypernova Megaways. The Bonus Respin feature is the crown jewel, and it combines a novel cluster concept with ReelPlay's well-liked space jewels motif.

In order to win and remove them from the game grid in the intergalactic cluster pays slot, players must land five or more adjacent gems. Once they do, fresh symbols will then fall into position and pay out.

One or more of the game's six unique Hyper Symbols may appear on the grid at any time, assisting players in achieving the 13,552x-bet maximum reward.

Included in the features are Bombs, which eliminate symbols within a 3x3 radius, MegaBombs, which do the same within a 5x5 radius, Zaps, MegaZaps, which eliminate symbols both vertically and horizontally, and HyperBombs, which cause all tiles to pay out simultaneously.

Bonus Respins will start if five or more scatter symbols land on the grid. Each time a fresh scatter symbol lands in this hold and spin feature, the respin counter is reset to three. Each scatter symbol can hold up to 100 times the player's wager and is held in place.

With GATI, Yggdrasil's cutting-edge technology, partners can use the preconfigured, regulation-ready, standardised development toolkit to reliably produce cutting-edge content, followed by quick distribution. Hyper Respins is powered by GATI.

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Product & Programs at Yggdrasil, said: “Hyper Respins offers truly high-octane gameplay thanks to its lucrative Hyper Symbols and Bonus Respins. We can’t wait for players to explore the depths of space in this thrilling new release.”

David Johnson, CEO at ReelPlay, said: “Hyper Respins is ReelPlay’s first grid game and we’ve packed plenty into it with all the Hyper symbol boosters. The action flows with every symbol drop and we’ve been careful to pace the action in line with the intergalactic theme. It’s infinitely re-playable slots fun presented in a new 6x6 grid which will still be familiar to players of our Hypernova range of games.”


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